Threepositional advertising wall panel


Threepositional advertising wall panel Designation:

A consecutive presentation of three advertising pictures with an automatic change at definite intervals of time.


  • Compact and reliable design with a good stability of atmospheric conditions.
  • Feasible assemblage at places which are difficult to access but attractive from the point of the advertisement: on outward building walls, on grandstand roofs, on separate pillars or pylons, etc.
  • Possibility for fitting with an individual lighting.
  • Adjustment of the time for the showing of the picture.
  • Possibility for programmable setting of the panel operating time.

Technical characteristics:

  • Overall dimensions - 3000x2100x150mm
  • Exposition frame dimensions - 2850x1800 mm
  • Weight                               - 70 kg/ sq.m.
  • Power consumption              - 0,1 kW

Modifications and Variations:

  • It is possible to make the advertising panels with dimensions according to the client's request.
  • It is possible to make a portable variant for stadiums and others open-air areas (as the picture above).
  • It is possible to install a watt-hour meter (at a particular request).
  • It is possible to install a lighting fixture (at a particular request).
  • Guarantee period                        - 12 months
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