Accumulating water-heaters

Accumulating water-heaters


        The water-heaters are adequate to supply with warm water places with increased consume of warm water, such as restaurants, canteens, baths, etc.


  • The water- heaters are fitted with built in heat exchanger of spiral coiled  pipe (heat coil) and are combined with electrical warming up.
  • The build in heat coil enables an utilization of external sources of heat water (a centralized heating system, boilers with liquid-, gas- or solid-fuel, solar heaters, waste warm water, etc.).
  • The side installation of the electrical heaters is easy to maintain and repair.
  • The enamelling inner surfaces guarantee prolonged and reliable usage.
Technical characteristics:
  • Capacity                                            - 150, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 1000L
  • Water pressure of the vessel                - 0,8 Mpa
  • Water pressure of the heat exchanger  - 1,2 MPa
  • Maximal temperature of the water         - 90C
  • Supply voltage                          - for heaters up to 300L        - 220 V/ 50 Hz
                                                           - for heaters 400 - 1000l      - 380 V/ 50 Hz
  • Installed power of the heating system:
                                  - for heaters 150, 200 and 300L - 6 kW (basic variant)
                                                                                          - 9 kW (at a particular request)

                                  -   for heaters 400 and 500L        -   9 kW (basic variant)

                                                                                          - 12 kW (at a perticular request)

                                             -   for heaters 1000L         - 2 x 9 kW (basic variant)

Modification and Variation:

  • Lower level of supply - without electric panel and electric heaters or without heat coil.
  • Installation of automatic switch on/off at definite hours.
  • Installation of an indicator signalling of an interrupted fuse or damaged electric heater.
  • Guarantee period                                                                                 - 12 months
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